Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Locked up and out

  1. popped past the house and we are locked up!.
    Doors, door furniture, towel rails, loo roll holders, wir shelving and fittings , jarrah capping etc all arrived on Friday. I
    didn't want to post about it since the house was wide open.
    Took a couple of photos on the weekend and then went for a visit on Monday afterwork because something about the doors was bugging me. Figured it out. Our laundry door is supposed to be a corithian 7A with crystal leaf glass. They'd delivered a corithan 7 with the glass. duh. Also couldn't find our front door despite it being listed on the invoice that was tucked beneath the top door on the stack of doors in our lounge room. Our front door is meant to be timber grade because we are having it stained. It seems they've delivered a paint grade version with flush panel.. the lovely green coloured ones.. argh easily fixed
    Someone has also been around and found the draw wire that was missing from the conduit box in the kids activity room. there's a few bits of plaster and grey render lying on the floor that I assume have been dug out of the box. It is coming in from the side of the box. Hopefully this won't be an issue for the cat5e ( maybe cat6) cabling we want to go in this conduit.

    Anyway when I got home yesterday Hubby informed me that the house was locked up.
    They've put the front and back doors on. Wrong ones of course but it means we are locked out. Also found I had an email from the builders office to say they were chasing up the door errors for us.
    Here's photos of the front and back door area but remember these are temporary doors and not our ones.
Today , Wednesday someone has delivered our ceilings and the assorted bits and bobs to fix them. Hopefully this means they will get started soon.

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Kek said...

We had similar door issues - easy to fix, as you say, but annoying when you're impatient to see how it will all look....

I keep meaning to ask someone about the exterior doors: why that hideous green/blue colour?