Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Missing in action

ok this is odd.
I swear there was originally a power point complete with cables hanging out and a box not attached to anything but supposed to be with it's own conduit and draw wire in this room. I think the 2nd photo is the before shot. Took so many photos I'm not sure. BUT look what's happened!

We now have a conduit with a draw wire at the top of the plaster and a box down low that the draw wire is supposed to be coming out of and there is no sign of it. All the circular plastic bits inside the little box are intact so nothing has been punched out. Not even sure if the conduit actually finishes in this box. We had to hassle to get the conduit fitted as per the plan to start with.
THEN also where has the power point gone that was beside this box? It is on the plans and we are sure it was there before plastering. Hopefully they can grab the power from the power point that is in the room on the other side of this wall and pull a cable through otherwise they are going to have to replaster. Not sure where the draw wire is either but that needs to be sorted out as we need the conduit to open into the conduit box and atm it doesn't do that.


Looking out the dining slider

From the games room.

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