Tuesday, March 24, 2009

tonight's visit

DH wanted t go up to the house after tea. I had a better look around. The plumber has been busy finishing off a few pipes and bits and pieces for the hws. I could see the towel rail packaging minus rails in the fridge space and a box with a glass label. And I realised the bath is missing from our office as well as a heap of leftover timber from out the front. So it's possible our bath is in and the timber has been used to build the frame for tiling and that the main bathroom mirror and towel rails are in. Dh agrees with me it doesn't seem there are enough boxes of our kitchen tiles in evidence. I guess we wait and see.

We could also see a few empty boxes of what could be tap handles and fittings for the bathroom. No way to tell at this stage.

Hard to believe that it will be may/june before handover atm.


BelleBeau said...

Isn't it frustrating when you can't get in and you are guessing at the boxes LOL.

Luckily different doors have been open at different times for us so far. Fingers crossed that it continues! May/June is not that far away.


kexkez said...

I I was't so flat out at work atm I would be tempted to dash home ( 34 kms ( and visit while the tradies are onsite. Unlike hubby I'm brazen enough to visit while they are there. just. Might visit in the school holidays I think. DH is mortified at the thought of taking photos of peoples retaining walls, fences, asking strangers about their driveways etc. i don't seem to have a problem doing that. most people are delighted that you want to know and seem to feel complimented when you ask.