Thursday, March 26, 2009

A few quick shots

Painter was at the house today. All the nail holes and ceilings look like they've been patched ready for painting. we can only see the alfresco, the garage and through a small torn gap in the plastic protective window sheeting stuff that has been taped over every door and window. rats! The gap is in the games slider plastic stuff so the painter can go out the back we assume. There is a nice timber trim/batten where the alfresco ceiling meets the eaves . I guess this will be painted white. Dh had a peek too so he got to see the 2 jarrah caps that have been installed.
A bobcat has been in and done a bit of a cleanup. We had a lovely complete spare piece of roofing and capping left over that we were going to move down to the back of the block this weekend. Unfortunately the bobcat has moved it and run over it in 3 separate places. Not worth keeping now. what a shame. DH and I kept putting off moving it thinking it would be fine. sigh. The garage floor sand has been cleaned out and leveled ready for the concrete pad and we now have a new waste bin ( our last?) in a different location which means we can now look down the side of the house and if we wanted get retaining wall quotes.

We have a meeting onsite at 4 on Tuesday to meet the tiler.
Supposedly it's to discuss placement of feature tiles ( I wasn't about to let on that we don't have any.. shhhh) and to double check they know which tiles are for the bathroom, which for ensuite and which for kitchen. Just in case someone didn't/doesn't read the plans correctly.

Hopefully I will get to take more pictures.


bill said...

looking good!

more pics please!

BelleBeau said...

Love the pics of your bricks and front door. Looks great! What a shame about the roofing. There is really so much waste in building, if only the trades took a little more care.


Michelle said...

if you agree on anything verbally with your tiler i would recommend jotting it down on your tile selection and getting him to sign it as well... we had a minor dispute with our tiler/builder about the placement of our feature tiles which we had to compromise on because it was our word against theirs.