Friday, February 25, 2011

Newest happenings

This week our solar panels have finally been installed.
After 4 quotes last October we agreed to go with the "local guy" ( does 70+ km class as local?)last November and the application went in to the power company.  Mum  applied in December and got approval in early January and we still hadn't heard. At the end of January we found out we too had approval.   Mum's panels are due to be installed next week so we were getting quite frustrated waiting to hear when ours would go up but finally on Monday we got a call from "our man".  He was to appear on Wednesday or Thursday to install the panels and return with his electrician on Friday to install the invertor.?  Inverter?  Hmm one of those.

 Anyway panels went in Wednesday and today the inverter.    Very pleased. On Wednesday while at work I happened to mention to someone else that we had chosen someone local to do ours and it turned out they'd gone with the same person. They were very happy.   The person I spoke said, " He really needs someone to do his paperwork." it's shocking.    Well today just proved that point more. We haven't paid a thing.  Our system is fully installed and saving us power even though as yet we haven't applied to the power board for them to buy back from us.    He is going to send us an invoice for payment and then once we get paid for our recs wants us to pay them on to him.  hmmm

  He is happy to wait???!!?!!  Hubby had to almost chase him down our driveway to get that much info from him.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

New camera

I've decided to add a 2nd blog so that I can play with my new camera and leave this blog as only house related items.  I might change my mind later and close it down but for now.  Here's the link

I wanted to call the blog Blink. But it seems the name is already taken. 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Days 2,3 and 4 of the wall

I haven;t got time to add any details so here are some photos to show progress.
Friday Day Two

Tuesday Day Three

Wednesday Day  Four

The wall is almost complete.
The stps , some mortar and placement of a couple of half blocks is all that is left.  Then  they will move the sand  for us and it's done  Should be finished when I get home from work on Thursday..