Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Well the roses seem very happy.  Last year some garden conditioner was added to the builders sand pad
 (wasn't great quality I must admit) and then closer to where each was to be planted some organic soil conditioner was added, dug around etc. ( nice stuff) Then sugar cane mulch was added around each rose. This year they've had a little more sugar cane, but not much, lots of seasol, and molasses added.   Then  watered and watered and.... finally in September pruned. Then about 2/3 weeks ago they were given one small dose of blood n bone .  :)  I'll be giving them some seamungus soon. I can't re-mulch them as I've planted ground cover in between all the roses and it is just starting to recover from it's rather rough  and savage removal from another garden and quick thrust into my soil.  Native wood violets.  I'm looking forward to watching them grow. Hopefully it won't be too hot for them.

Lawn is looking rather lush as well.  Wet day for the 2nd day in a row. Lots of seed heads appearing in the lawn now.

DH has pretty much decided to go for a push mower again but to buy a brand new one as we had a very old 2nd, 3rd, 5th? hand one before.   He mumbled something about self sharpening blades. I'll leave it for him to work it out.