Sunday, March 24, 2013

Almost there. Just a little further.

We finally decided to get some fencing quotes for the next fencing project.  Price came back and was pretty darn good so  we got to, organising  the fencing man. Trouble was he wanted to do it a week earlier than we could be ready so there was a lot of frantic clearing of pavers off the wall , weeding and paving done by G.  There is still about a 1 metre to go paving wise. But the fence looks fantastic.    Riversand framework and primrose( cream) panel and lattice.   We like it so much I think we will end up continuing it on in for the rest of the retaining wall but in a 1.2m height.

Temporary fence has since been removed. I'll replace this picture later today with one without the temp fence.

  We still have to fill in the gap between the house and paving and G has 3 paths to lay but these are minor in comparison to the huge expanses of paving already completed.

Of my back: I've been officially discharged from the care of the back surgeon. His comment was that when they opened me up they were astonished that I had been able to walk.  I need to get on to a physio soon and  get more strength building  exercises.  I'm still not doing much garden or otherwise. Though I did manage to plant 5 things yesterday  I wasn't ready to risk using a shovel so the holes were dug with a trowel. I also managed to remove one of the steel temp fencing posts by myself.  It was still enough exercise to make me a little achy last night. I'll have to be careful to not lift anything heavy for a few more months and to take each day as it comes.  The surgeon said there is still the possibility I might need further surgery later and to come see him if I have back pain later on. All up to me now.   He was very surprised at how stable I was and that I was able to walk nearly 5 kms within 3 weeks of surgery, get out of a straight chair just using my  legs etc. etc.