Sunday, September 25, 2011


He's 17 weeks tomorrow.  Has developed a "I'm being naughty" bark when he's doing something he shouldn't. It's a ," Look at me. I've got something/done something/ gotten somewhere  forbidden."
Yesterday he dashed into the office while I was sorting out the cat's breakfast because I'd forgotten to put the barricade back up.  When I went to "inspect" his current mischief he has a cat pompom toy in his mouth and was very pleased with himself. Can't wait for the doggy door to arrive and be installed. Hopefully the post will come this week as we now have to put his inside bed up in the mornings or he drags it through the house or outside.
He is getting much better at knowing our routines on weekdays. he knows I disappear in the mornings and no longer stands waiting and whining at the door for me to reappear. As soon as he hears the front door go in the afternoon  he knows it's me and is standing waiting for me as I open the door into the family room. He's much more compliant about morning nap times and at coming in after his middle of the night toilet break.  yippee.  No more standing outside trying to  find him in the dark and get him to come. He and the cat  have not yet reached tolerate stage.  He tends to want to bounce at the cat which she of course doesn't like at all. But they more frequently lie on the floor about 1 m apart either side of one of us when we are in the kitchen without a carry on. There is hope.

 On the house front.
A small amount of pavers have been ordered  and delivered for the alfresco area and the front verandah and path.  If these seem to be ok we will be ordering enough to do all the paving areas. The pavers are 2nds and discontinued but I have been informed there are plenty available at the moment so as soon as we know they aren't too much a problem to lay we'll order more. Not sure when w e'll get  to lay them but they are a bargain price not to be repeated so it's a case of buy while we can.
 There's a lot of time juggling going on at the moment. The weather has finally improved enough to get into the garden and do some work on the massive amount of weeds  that have appeared.  G spent yesterday whipper snipping the weeds on 1/2 the verge and all the weeds out the front around the driveway area. Remember we are on a corner 3/4 of an acre block so this was no small area.

I'm not keen for his to  do the same in the front garden. Too much risk the plants we want to keep will be damaged. I think it will be a matter of weeding while puppy sleeps as  they are so bad I need to use a shovel/large weeding fork on some of the larger ones and I can't do this with puppy around.
Pup does enjoy tearing off with any hand weeded weeds, giving them a few bites then returning for a new weed.

We had a bobtail visit the garden yesterday. Luckily G spotted it from the kitchen right near the wire fencing that divides the back from the front before the dog did.  I was able to go out and push it through the fencing.  I gave it some banana that had been left too long for us to eat. We then let the dog out so he could look at it.  What a carry on.  I ended up taking the bobtail into a neighbouring block along with the banana treat.

Friday, September 2, 2011


Much fencing and prep later.  Our laundry finally has some wall shelving for additional storage and a small broom cupboard
And  puppy is here.
He still has some growing to do. as he is only 12 weeks old. I'm guessing he'll be about double this size when he finishes growing.

Her's sound asleep under the table at the moment ignoring the dog bed.