Saturday, December 25, 2010

Nothing was stirring not even a mouse.

Of course now the youngest is up and his alarm clock is beeping for the second time. Eldest isn't awake at all yet.

Santa has been.
The most popular present of the morning.
  Eldest has wanted one of these for a few years.  We've all had  a bit of play with it now though.  
Very hard to resist.

Youngest took this last shot with his phone.

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone. 

Stay safe.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Woke up quite early this morning. Well ok, far too early. It wasn't even light and it gets light by 5am here.

Decided once it was light to make a cup of tea and go and sit out the back to enjoy it. There was a distant little bit of morning mist but a gleam of sunlight just over  in the distance looked promising. Tea made I got myself settled outside. It's been a while since I took some photo's from this perspective so here they are.

A shot down the street to show the new houses, the decimation the developer has created when he cleared the blocks across from us and the little bit of mist over the bush, etc.

The Developer has cleared the blocks of all trees that are in the way of  building. He's obviously decided by doing this himself  it might help them sell.



I took some pics and went inside to find a camera cable.. It took me almost 10 mins to find a camera cable and when I returned it was to a creeping mist world.

After a short time I couldn't see beyond the fruit tree netting in the fruit farm behind the house.

Then as I typed this the sun started to shine through and it went bright.

First there was a rainbow.

Then the mist cleared and there was bright blue sky.

By the time I finished typing it had been less than an
 hour from start to finsih.

The sun was gone again, hidden behind darkening clouds and a general feeling of gloom. So cold I had to run inside and grab a jumper.