Thursday, April 25, 2013

And it goes on

Well the new fencing looks fantastic. G has recently completed ( bar cuts) a small path along the front of the house. We went to  the Small Farm Field Day in Balingup  last weekend and bought some ground covers to protect the soil as it drops down from the rose garden to the path.  Now we just need to move the additional soil elsewhere ( hmm  side garden??? and we can plant the ground covers  out). There's quite a bit more soil against the bricks than shown in the pic below now that hubby has finished the paving path.  We need to get a new wheel for the barrow before the soil can be shifted.

The bricks will be used for a new wicking bed around the side of the house as I plan to remove what's left of the veggie garden out the front.
Once the soil is moved I can order some blue metal for against the house and for the wicking beds.

See here for some wicking bed ideas.
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I've been researching this topic recently as I'm planning to move my veggie beds from the front garden into a dedicated area out the back. I have been wanting to do some wicking beds but was put off by the cost of the water cubes used. I've found a few more ways to do this. Here are some links in case anyone else is interested.

Original inspiration from Costa.

Using ag pipe, stormwater pipe and even plastic storage crates.
wicking bed you tube clips This link to a blog is refusing to working this morning but the link usually works.

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