Saturday, May 21, 2011

Time to get into it

We've been back a few weeks now and the rains have finally come. The garden bed is swamped by weeds, the roses in desperate need of pruning, veggies need pulling out and new soil put in. New veggies need to go in.
I've pulled up the tomato bushes and as of today, pulled up the carrots.  Not a success as the ground was too poor and hard. What we've ended up with has multiple roots and having left them in disgust, today when I finally pulled them up so I can start again, many are split. Still had to get a photo though.  If I get lots of improver  in I might try again with normal sized carrots but not for a while. (I planted baby ones.)
 On Mothers day I planted garlic from a friend. At almost 2 weeks in these are looking pretty good.
Garlic after 13 days.

Snow Peas


Baby Carrots. I didn't enrich the soil enough and make sure it was friable. The seeds germinated and everything looked promising until I started to pull them up. They all had multiple roots.  So I left the rest to rot in the  ground. Today I decided to pull them up anyway. The results were as I expected, pretty awful.  You can see what happens to carrots left in the  ground too long.  

Time to get organised for the day.  I'm off to buy new pruners.