Friday, March 27, 2009

oo it's happening.

Had some luck tonight. Someone left a slider open at the house. So being the good citizen that i am I went in. errm camera just happened to be with me. took photo's and then secured the house. :)

These things still need a home

The dreaded pantry shelving
Not happy with this or at least the placement of it as it is too low.
Our problem as it is according to the contract. I've written more elsewhere about this. No more will be said here.

looking towards the kitchen
kitchen jarrah capping

At least the painter really is using wattyl paints.

Our tile stacks.

The linen cupboard. Vinyl doors to come.

Down the hallway from the family room doorway looking towards the main bedroom. Front door is off to the right.

now we know what was used on the internal ceilings.

main bathroom cabinet with taps

Our main bathroom floor tile. I think it is very plain but Hubby was willing to live with it and it was slightly better than the original choice that hubby preferred. (I hope) Actually I think I now dislike it almost as much s the original tile picked . It was something Hubby and I couldn't agree on at all. I really wanted a blue theme main bathroom but was happy to go a dark floor tile in a grey or mocca colour and lighter wall . I wanted something close to our current rental but Hubby wasn't keen at all which was a shame but the way it goes.
In the end I think neither of us was that thrilled with the choice but we didn't want to do an upgrade, preferring to spend extra dollars on other things.
Hubby was keen to have something that wasn't one main colour where as I didn't fancy anything mottled. This tile is also in the loo and laundry. I just hope it doesn't look dirty all the time. That was how I always felt about our last laundry tile which has a slight mottled colouring and was a more brown /beige tile. I guess I can dress up teh bathroom however I want since it's
so neutral. saw a nice shower curtain and bath mat in mocca and also deep chocolate colours today that could really give the room a lift. :) assessories will be the key .
The walls will be an off white plain tile from memory.

hmm I don't fancy a bath while it's wedged like this.

ensuite cabinet with taps

Our ensuite tiles
you can see the overflow pipe. It's made the basin quite shallow in both bathrooms.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A few quick shots

Painter was at the house today. All the nail holes and ceilings look like they've been patched ready for painting. we can only see the alfresco, the garage and through a small torn gap in the plastic protective window sheeting stuff that has been taped over every door and window. rats! The gap is in the games slider plastic stuff so the painter can go out the back we assume. There is a nice timber trim/batten where the alfresco ceiling meets the eaves . I guess this will be painted white. Dh had a peek too so he got to see the 2 jarrah caps that have been installed.
A bobcat has been in and done a bit of a cleanup. We had a lovely complete spare piece of roofing and capping left over that we were going to move down to the back of the block this weekend. Unfortunately the bobcat has moved it and run over it in 3 separate places. Not worth keeping now. what a shame. DH and I kept putting off moving it thinking it would be fine. sigh. The garage floor sand has been cleaned out and leveled ready for the concrete pad and we now have a new waste bin ( our last?) in a different location which means we can now look down the side of the house and if we wanted get retaining wall quotes.

We have a meeting onsite at 4 on Tuesday to meet the tiler.
Supposedly it's to discuss placement of feature tiles ( I wasn't about to let on that we don't have any.. shhhh) and to double check they know which tiles are for the bathroom, which for ensuite and which for kitchen. Just in case someone didn't/doesn't read the plans correctly.

Hopefully I will get to take more pictures.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

tonight's visit

DH wanted t go up to the house after tea. I had a better look around. The plumber has been busy finishing off a few pipes and bits and pieces for the hws. I could see the towel rail packaging minus rails in the fridge space and a box with a glass label. And I realised the bath is missing from our office as well as a heap of leftover timber from out the front. So it's possible our bath is in and the timber has been used to build the frame for tiling and that the main bathroom mirror and towel rails are in. Dh agrees with me it doesn't seem there are enough boxes of our kitchen tiles in evidence. I guess we wait and see.

We could also see a few empty boxes of what could be tap handles and fittings for the bathroom. No way to tell at this stage.

Hard to believe that it will be may/june before handover atm.

Monday, March 23, 2009

I had to go for a look tonight. Can't get in but I could see the laundry tub box has been moved into the family room and is empty of tub. So I guess ours is in too. :) Looks like the plumber is very busy as there are bits and pieces on and under a trestle table set up in the same room. And a jumper ( hot work?) and a camping chair for smoko?
Sink is missing from the kitchen cupboards atm so I'm guessing he's working on the plumbing. And our tiles have arrived. At least i think nearly all of them I can't see enough tiles for our kitchen but it looks like the rest have arrived.There's only a small box and about 1/2-3/4 of an open set there and we are having 300 mm of tile height in the kitchen for at least 7 m. No way what's there can be all of them. Fingers crossed some more are due to arrive for the kitchen and not that they weren't ordered correctly as they had €to come from the UK>. Maybe some aren't so obvious and are inside another box. ( says hopefully) Looks like that spare caroma box had all the plumbing fittings in it so was just a recycled box.
Someone has also trimmed around the edges on the temp top cupboard wood in the kitchen. I guess this becomes a template for the granite.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Yesterday we went to a town meeting being held by the local fire authority and fesa.
2 1/2 hours learning about the risks of fire here. Learning what to do to get our homes as prepared as possible incase of fire risk. Learning about ember attack and most importantly fuel!
It's made us rethink at least one part of our garden plan. There will be no mulch in our garden!

We met our painter today. We were up at the house trying to imagine a future potential patio on the side of the house when a guy drove up and parked out front. He came over to introduce himself. I was so surprised I actually didn't catch his name. How bad is that!.
BUT I will say hubby didn't either. Anyway he was there to check out the house and do a rough estimate of the amount of paint he'll need. He said he expects to start on Wednesday. :)
He did say there are a few little bits and pieces still to be completed on the house so I guess the cornice guys will be back tomorrow. We had noticed a few little things we wondered about. Just some finishing off things and missing trims.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


The ceilings and cornices silly! Not the whole house. (I wish)

Popped up last night and they've completed this stage BUT they left both sliding doors unlocked! Great job guys! oh and 2 windows partly open as well. ( hmm what smilie denotes scarcasm?) The proper doors have now arrived. Yippee. I wonder if they will put them on or leave it as it is and put them on after they've been painted. Seems silly to have to add them and then take them down for painting and staining.

A little bit of the front door. I had to balance the laundry door with one hand to take the photo since it was lying on top of this door.
Same style of routing on the laundry door. :)

The additional caroma basin is still in the house. I wonder who is building with plunkett homes and is missing a basin. I really can't think of anywhere we are missing one. Maybe it's just a reused box and is for our place.???? They've also managed to knock the corner off the top edge of our shower entry way wall.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

More pics

Popped up tonight to remove some small saplings and suckers growing right where the leech drains are to be put in.
We put the smaller bits onto our big tree pile down the back of the block but 3 larger pieces we've put in the builders waste bin. Hopefully it won't be a problem.

Cornicing is half completed. At this rate they'll be finished by tomorrow.
Main living area, office, lounge and front hallway are all that's left to go.

Loo bases. We seem to have an additional hand basin in the latest deliveries. While the address on it is correct it mentions another builders name. Seems like a delivery mixup.
We also seem to be getting a whirlybird. Didn't know we were. We were planning on putting in econovents.

All our vents for the exhaust fans are in. I don't remember noticing them before.

Main bedroom with cornices.

Looking nw. The red clay is where the holes were dug for the septics.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Feeling very excited. Dashed up to the house just after 5 to have a peek through the windows and take some shots. Found my way inside. So I have some inside shots as well. Had to rush though so excuse the poor quality. All our cabinets have been installed. :)

Pot drawers and oven, stove top cutouts.

Long length of bench. I think we have slightly less bench space on this side than our last house. ( about 2 cupboards worth. But we've gained pot drawers next to the oven so only down 1 drawer or so.
Cutlery drawer close up showing the nickle handles.

Ensuite cabinet close up.

Ensuite cabinet from a distance. Basins are china basins.
Main bathroom cabinet closeup.

Ceilings are completed and cornices are still to go
This shows the gap between the ceilings and the plastered walls.

Towards the kitchen.
Looking towards our boys rooms. You can see the manhole is still to be covered.
Games room.
. These are our cornices. Just the standard basic ones.

Our bedroom.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Hubby noticed a car at the house this morning and again the same one this afternoon. He didn't dare go too close so couldn't tell what had been happening. Anyway after work I dashed up to have a peek. The ceiling stuff was opened. woohoo. but there is more!

There's bits of ceiling (gyprock?) stacked in various sections of the garage. I took a peek in through a few windows and found that about 1/2 the house has ceilings already! Obviously it wasn't just one guy. BUT wait... there's more!
Smile ( no not steak knives)
In the middle of our bedroom was our ensuite cabinet.
The kitchen is filled with kitchen cupboards. I can only assume the main bathroom cabinet is tucked away in the bathroom.

It's interesting that they put the doors on inside out to protect the fronts and handles.

Photo's are not great quality as I took them with the camera phone through windows.

Office with gyrock leaning on the walls waiting to be installed.

Ensuite cabinet. I wish we'd considered some drawers like others have done. it has protective paper over the top.

Kitchen looking very full.