Sunday, March 8, 2009

Small Update

PHEW! I've now been told it's quite common for the plasterers to cover up a power point or 2 when plastering so should be easy enough for the electrician to dig it out again. BUT it is completely covered not just slightly. With no hint left that it even existed. Shocked Our great building supervisor is on to it so it will be sorted.

Heading up to the house today to see if anything else was delivered during the week. We are a bit disappointed that nothing much seems to be happening but then as soon as they put doors on the house we'll be at "lockup" and a new bill will arrive from the builders and we won't be able to get into the house anymore.
It's very tempting to sand back a bit of the rough plaster work and take to
it with a paint brush and seal it. Wish we could as it would save us having to do it after handover but of course we aren't allowed to.
Yesterday we took a trip into Bunbury and collected our IXL eco sensation exhaust/heater/lights for the bathrooms. In our contract it specifies that we will supply these. Fingers crossed they are working fine when they get installed.

We also went to visit a couple of spa shops and spotted some possible lights for the garage.
Fingers crossed we've got the $ for a spa once we get to handover. Both of us would love to be able to get one put in sometime this year. At the moment we are leaning towards a Signature brand spa called "The Lagoon".
This is a 7 seater spa.

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