Saturday, March 21, 2009


The ceilings and cornices silly! Not the whole house. (I wish)

Popped up last night and they've completed this stage BUT they left both sliding doors unlocked! Great job guys! oh and 2 windows partly open as well. ( hmm what smilie denotes scarcasm?) The proper doors have now arrived. Yippee. I wonder if they will put them on or leave it as it is and put them on after they've been painted. Seems silly to have to add them and then take them down for painting and staining.

A little bit of the front door. I had to balance the laundry door with one hand to take the photo since it was lying on top of this door.
Same style of routing on the laundry door. :)

The additional caroma basin is still in the house. I wonder who is building with plunkett homes and is missing a basin. I really can't think of anywhere we are missing one. Maybe it's just a reused box and is for our place.???? They've also managed to knock the corner off the top edge of our shower entry way wall.

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