Wednesday, March 4, 2009

6 things.......... for Mrs B.

Mrs B tagged me, and I really can't think of anything clever or witty to say so my "6 things about me " will be quite dull.

1. I love my computer time. I'm not into game playing etc. I'm one of those people who enjoy surfing the net, reading the news and visiting forums etc. In fact I like to eat my breakfast at the computer in the morning. I usually read the news both local and overseas while doing so.

2. My secret wish.. hmm Have passport will travel! I would love to have enough $ to be able to go on an over seas trip every year with my family. I know some people manage to do this but it's certianly not in our budget although we've been lucky enough to do a few trips. I've wanted to visit and travel through China since I was in High school. I've come close twice having been to HK but it's not the same. I would also dearly love to go to Europe .

3. I used to have a huge fear of needles. To the point that my GP had it noted on my medical records so that they could always give me lots of notice if I was in need of any sort of test requiring a needle. I suspect it all stemmed from a standard dislike of them that everyone has but when I was 8 and having some normal vaccinations the woman giving the needles had the theory that you didn't warn children before giving them their shots. She jabbed 2 needles into my arm unexpectedly and was quite rough. I jumped and the needles were jerked and half pulled out in the process. So the immunisations had to be redone. I am also one of those people that have fine veins and at times getting blood from me can be quite difficult. This can also cause a bit of a drama for an anesthetist.The worst attempt to insert a needle into a vein, was 5 goes by a supposedly, very experienced anesthetist. Ouch!
This horror of needles lasted until I was in my 30's and needed to have regular injections and blood tests. Although I still dislike having them, like most people, I no longer get the shakes and need weeks and weeks to prepare myself. And for a while I was so thrilled to be over my horror I became a blood and plasma donor. I really must start doing this again.

4. I was born in a small country town and spent the first 7 1/2 years living on a wheat and sheep farm before my parents decided to move to the city. I'd always loved going back to family friends home as as a teenager and it was only in my 20's when I was teaching in the same area for a while I realised just how much I missed the open space and a vista of wheat fields. After a weekend back in the city I drove over the crest of a hill and all I could see was semi ripened wheat swaying in the breeze. It was like a huge weight had lifted off my chest.

5. My earliest memory is of wearing an old cowboy hat and being lifted onto the back of Nuisance the cow on my Grandparents/Parents farm.
I used to still be able to "feel" Dad's hands lifting me up until I was in my 30's.

6....had to remove this one. sorry. .

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Mrs B said...

Hi Kexkez
I enjoyed reading your 6 interesting things very much! All of them made me smile especially number 6 LOL I'm glad you put this one in! Its stories like this that makes us unique and very interesting. I also had to think for 3 days what I was going to write and I was amazed by what I could of written but not on a public blog!
Mrs B