Thursday, March 19, 2009

More pics

Popped up tonight to remove some small saplings and suckers growing right where the leech drains are to be put in.
We put the smaller bits onto our big tree pile down the back of the block but 3 larger pieces we've put in the builders waste bin. Hopefully it won't be a problem.

Cornicing is half completed. At this rate they'll be finished by tomorrow.
Main living area, office, lounge and front hallway are all that's left to go.

Loo bases. We seem to have an additional hand basin in the latest deliveries. While the address on it is correct it mentions another builders name. Seems like a delivery mixup.
We also seem to be getting a whirlybird. Didn't know we were. We were planning on putting in econovents.

All our vents for the exhaust fans are in. I don't remember noticing them before.

Main bedroom with cornices.

Looking nw. The red clay is where the holes were dug for the septics.

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