Friday, March 27, 2009

oo it's happening.

Had some luck tonight. Someone left a slider open at the house. So being the good citizen that i am I went in. errm camera just happened to be with me. took photo's and then secured the house. :)

These things still need a home

The dreaded pantry shelving
Not happy with this or at least the placement of it as it is too low.
Our problem as it is according to the contract. I've written more elsewhere about this. No more will be said here.

looking towards the kitchen
kitchen jarrah capping

At least the painter really is using wattyl paints.

Our tile stacks.

The linen cupboard. Vinyl doors to come.

Down the hallway from the family room doorway looking towards the main bedroom. Front door is off to the right.

now we know what was used on the internal ceilings.

main bathroom cabinet with taps

Our main bathroom floor tile. I think it is very plain but Hubby was willing to live with it and it was slightly better than the original choice that hubby preferred. (I hope) Actually I think I now dislike it almost as much s the original tile picked . It was something Hubby and I couldn't agree on at all. I really wanted a blue theme main bathroom but was happy to go a dark floor tile in a grey or mocca colour and lighter wall . I wanted something close to our current rental but Hubby wasn't keen at all which was a shame but the way it goes.
In the end I think neither of us was that thrilled with the choice but we didn't want to do an upgrade, preferring to spend extra dollars on other things.
Hubby was keen to have something that wasn't one main colour where as I didn't fancy anything mottled. This tile is also in the loo and laundry. I just hope it doesn't look dirty all the time. That was how I always felt about our last laundry tile which has a slight mottled colouring and was a more brown /beige tile. I guess I can dress up teh bathroom however I want since it's
so neutral. saw a nice shower curtain and bath mat in mocca and also deep chocolate colours today that could really give the room a lift. :) assessories will be the key .
The walls will be an off white plain tile from memory.

hmm I don't fancy a bath while it's wedged like this.

ensuite cabinet with taps

Our ensuite tiles
you can see the overflow pipe. It's made the basin quite shallow in both bathrooms.

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BelleBeau said...

What a good citizen you are and what a stroke of luck you had your camera.

Love your ensuite tiles!! and that jarrah bnench top is divine, I'd love that too.

I can understand the Huuby bit, sometimes you have to compromise. Works both ways, but once it is down with the wall colours, pictures, accessories, lighting etc. you may feel entirely differently. Wait and see.

I think it looks like it is coming together beautifully, can't wait to see your kitchen!