Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A bit and then some

After a week of nothing happening I had to "pop to the block" on my way home from work today.
We have window glass. Yippee. Unlike the Eastern States of Australia we get our window glass after bricking, plaster, roof. I'd forgotten how "snug" and slightly airless the house would feel once the glass went in. It feels like a house, even without ceilings in. As soon as the front and back door go on we'll have a big payment to make. First bit of bank money to pay out for part of it and then we'll actually have to start paying interest. Luckily it's not a lot. That will be the next installment.

And now on to a non building post. I owe Mrs B ( for family I know that looks odd :) ) my questionaire responses. I'll post them later when I have had my cuppa and find my reading glasses. Typing this much without them is enough to cope with.

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