Saturday, February 21, 2009

Just odds and ends

This week.
Nothing new happening on site at the house but we have been up a few times to check out measurements for future retaining walls, have discussions about future use of outdoor areas and practicalities. We've discovered we have a beautiful clear view of the Milky Way running from one side of the house to the other so no matter which side of the house we sit ( outside the kitchen dining area or outside in the area behind the garage we get fabulous sky views of the Milky Way and the Big Dipper.
This week Hubby has started some fact finding for our future heating and cooling. It looks like we'll be steering away from evaporative airconditioning much to my initial disappointment. We found this worked well where we lived before along with the addition of a couple of ceiling fans. BUT here it seems it gets too humid and being in from the coast there is no sea breeze to cool things down in the afternoon/evenings so it looks like we'll be spending up big and going for refrigerative aircon. Neither of us want a split system. This will then be our heating and cooling system. We might still get a woodfire but perhaps not the first year since we'll have splashed out on the expensive system. Otherwise we could go woodfire and then see how we manage for the first summer without aircon. But since chances are we'll want it so it's a false economy to go this way really.

We also ordered our IXL eco sensation bathroom heaters today. The hardware store in Bunbury ( 35kms away) had none in stock and they hadn't refilled their order. They should arrive within a couple of weeks. The Eco version have dampers that close when the extraction fans are not working so that you don't lose warm air from the room.

Tomorrow I intend to go to the house and remove the dog poop from the bathroom. ew.. looking forward to it. NOT!

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