Sunday, December 23, 2012

What's Happening

Well after my last post the painter returned and repainted the ceilings and touched up the wall where the plasterer had left fresh  plaster.   So far the  ceiling looks good. When the painter was here he noticed that part of the alfresco ceiling is  dropping. So now we've had to let the builders know about that of course we've had no response yet. so another thing to chase up.

G has had his traineeship extended by another 6 months. Woohoo and I'm dropping to 4 days a week at work starting next year.  We are all waiting  anxiously for eldest to get his exam results on NYE so we know what he is doing next year.

Wattle ( dog)  has now sired 12 pups all up.  6 in Wagga Wagga and 6 here a few months ago. His semen  was set over  and was successfully implanted in a chocolate labradoodle in Wagga Wagga.   The 6 were born on Dec 13th.  4 black and 2 brown.  4 girls and 2 males.

The weeds are going great guns here. I've spent a good part of the last few days  removing as many as I could from the front lawn. Yesterday G mowed it and today I've given it a dose of Seasol and Powerfeed.    Hopefully it will be enough to help the bare patches get some lawn growth soon.
I'm getting pretty desperate about sorting out the garden a bit more before mid January.  Just realised I had mentioned several post back about my back hurting. Well surgery is imminent. I really shouldn't be doing any gardening or anything heavy or involving sudden movements. As G pointed out today I should be on my back with an icepack.  I probably will be in  the next day or so as I just discovered today I've been taking slightly stronger pain meds ( pinched some of G's old ones thinking they were the same dosage as what I had been taking) and I've run out and am back to my usual ones as of today.  My back problem turned out to be a synovial cyst crushing all the nerve fibers  in my spinal cavity but below the actual spinal cord.  Surgery date is 14th of Jan and from what I can google I wont be driving for  6 weeks or so as the surgeon at this stage is not only planning to drain the cyst but also perform a laminectomy.( cutting into the lamina) I'm getting a little scared about afterwards atm.   I don't think I'll be back at work until at least the end of February

G has been paving again.  Right now he is filling in some gaps, doing cut-ins.

It's almost time to make some decisions about fencing on  the retaining wall. Looks like we'll get some quotes and then decide if we'll do the job ourselves or save to get someone else to do it. In the meantime G has decided to continue paving. He'll leave space for fencing posts to be added in at a later stage.  then once they are in the paving can be laid in the gaps left.

As you can see we bought 2 more garden benches for this area.  They look terrific.