Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tomorrow, tomorrow...

I feel a song coming along. But perhaps I shouldn't be too sure of myself. After all they do say tomorrow never comes. Anyway, tomorrow the first tradies return to begin sanding back the ceiling in some parts of the house in preparation for resealing and recoating. They claim they will be able to catch more than 90% of the dust with their "special" machine. We'll see. Of course we've had to buy drop sheets as they don't supply them to cover computers and the tv. Hmm out of pocket for us which is a bit rude considering it's their mistake. oh well as long as that's the only cost to us. ( Do I really believe that? Nope. There is bound to be more outlay from us when they fix the mistakes. ) Not looking forward to the possible mess when I get home from work tomorrow. It's meant to be 38 C tomorrow too and with the tradies sanding that means no aircon.

This photo looks a bit odd. perhaps I've traveled to a different planet. Actually it's just a white spot on the camera lens. Not another planet above the moon crescent :)