Saturday, September 20, 2008

It's starting

All paperwork has been sent to the construction side of the builders company.
We've received details of our new contact people for onsite.
Yesterday we received a letter with the first installment invoice which is due by Friday. Not the greatest timing. The bank we have our equity loan with was bought out by a larger bank. They have chosen this week/weekend to convert our accounts from the old system to it's one. All our accounts/cards etc are getting new numbers which includes getting new pin numbers etc. Great you might think, except they sent us 2 pin numbers each and we don't know which pin is for which account so we don't have access to our funds until it's all sorted out. Luckily I received a huge payout on moving/selling costs from work on Thursday so there is enough money in my account ( different bank) to pay for the first invoice.

Our final plans.