Monday, January 6, 2014

January, 2014

Happy New Year.  2014, How time flies.

 Everything is bubbling along.
We still have a couple of rooms to paint.  Perhaps these holidays.
Our office/junkroom is well over due for a clean up and tidy up.  I know there are papers I've had stored for the past 5 years that need to be dumped and we have enough "stuff" in the garage for a big tip trip in the next few weeks when G has some holidays. 
  As usual the garden still needs lots of work.  G spends a lot of time whippersnipping to keep the weed grasses down over the leech drains.

We've begun some more planting over the leech drains. a bit of a mixture including boronia, somegrevilleas, kangaroo paws as well as canna's ( Including one of the ones we received from  my MIL). These all seem to have settled in well.  I had a bit of excitement as I dug into the sand to plant some cannas I'd bought at a local market.   Managed to dig up a tiny frog who was very startled.

We've also had our fencing man in to complete the last of our colorbond good neighbour fencing and to install some pool fencing as we decided it was time to finally purchase a spa.   It's looking a little bare around the spa A.T.M.  hopefully some (currently) small golden cane palms we've bought will  green it up a bit.

As you can see, without the fencing we'd be very exposed. There is a new house going up directly across from our back yard which is the reason we've finally  gone ahead with the extra fencing.

We've also started our next hedging/privacy planting along  ground above the leech drains so that eventually we'll have privacy in the alfresco area.  A row of leucadendrons which should grow to around 2m. Right now they are very small but leuc's seems to grow well here.   I've another 5 in put in yet.  Digging in the rocky ground isn't easy so I've enlisted the help of youngest son and he's  going to dig the holes for me.  He's already  dug one hole large enough for me to plant a fairy magnolia and that's gone in already.
This poor dwarf granny smith apple tree is struggling under the weight of the apples.  I've already removed over 10 apples and teh dog has removed a few more. The 2nd pic is of the Pink lady apple tree.  The bugs and parrots seem to prefer these apples. I don't think we are going to get any from it at all.  Will need to considered some nets for next year

We have a large frog who seems determined to be part of the family. We think it's a motorbike frog.  He/She comes around most evenings.  The other night he obviously wanted to get closer to the spa. Perhaps he wanted a dip./  G discovered him hiding in the toe of his shoe  when he went to put them on after being in the spa.  ewww.
We've also discovered the spa is very nice early in the morning.  If we wake up early enough ( pref before 6)  the sun is below the fence line and it makes for a comfy, relaxed start to the day.  This was us a little later on Christmas morning enjoying a cuppa.
We have no intention of covering the spa with permanent shade as lying out, looking at the stars is one of the best bonuses about being out of suburbia.  We might invest in an umbrella at some stage however. Investigations still  to be completed.