Sunday, March 22, 2009


Yesterday we went to a town meeting being held by the local fire authority and fesa.
2 1/2 hours learning about the risks of fire here. Learning what to do to get our homes as prepared as possible incase of fire risk. Learning about ember attack and most importantly fuel!
It's made us rethink at least one part of our garden plan. There will be no mulch in our garden!

We met our painter today. We were up at the house trying to imagine a future potential patio on the side of the house when a guy drove up and parked out front. He came over to introduce himself. I was so surprised I actually didn't catch his name. How bad is that!.
BUT I will say hubby didn't either. Anyway he was there to check out the house and do a rough estimate of the amount of paint he'll need. He said he expects to start on Wednesday. :)
He did say there are a few little bits and pieces still to be completed on the house so I guess the cornice guys will be back tomorrow. We had noticed a few little things we wondered about. Just some finishing off things and missing trims.

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