Friday, September 2, 2011


Much fencing and prep later.  Our laundry finally has some wall shelving for additional storage and a small broom cupboard
And  puppy is here.
He still has some growing to do. as he is only 12 weeks old. I'm guessing he'll be about double this size when he finishes growing.

Her's sound asleep under the table at the moment ignoring the dog bed.


Wilson said...

Ahhh he is so cute :) We have a mini lab - I absolutely adore them - I hope he brings you as much joy as ours has :)

Wilson said...

Ah he is so cute - we have a one too and he's just turned 4 - i hope yours brings you as much joy as ours has brought us! :)

kexkez said...

HI Wilson. Thanks. Did you have much trouble finding one?