Monday, March 16, 2009


Hubby noticed a car at the house this morning and again the same one this afternoon. He didn't dare go too close so couldn't tell what had been happening. Anyway after work I dashed up to have a peek. The ceiling stuff was opened. woohoo. but there is more!

There's bits of ceiling (gyprock?) stacked in various sections of the garage. I took a peek in through a few windows and found that about 1/2 the house has ceilings already! Obviously it wasn't just one guy. BUT wait... there's more!
Smile ( no not steak knives)
In the middle of our bedroom was our ensuite cabinet.
The kitchen is filled with kitchen cupboards. I can only assume the main bathroom cabinet is tucked away in the bathroom.

It's interesting that they put the doors on inside out to protect the fronts and handles.

Photo's are not great quality as I took them with the camera phone through windows.

Office with gyrock leaning on the walls waiting to be installed.

Ensuite cabinet. I wish we'd considered some drawers like others have done. it has protective paper over the top.

Kitchen looking very full.

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BelleBeau said...

Hi, those kitchen cupboards are looking good!! Can't wait for photos when it is all installed.