Tuesday, April 21, 2009

They've been busy

Drove past the house earlier today to discover the tiler and 2 other workers. The painters have been hard at work today working on the outside.
As well someone has been digging for our leech drains. Finally someone has started moving them into position. I know they had to get sand in and this hasn't been done yet and less than half of the leech drains are semi 'in position" but it's a start. I should have taken a side view picture of the soil that has been dug out. Hubby has suggested i go back early tomorrow and I think I will.

The cream paint looks good against the bricks.

Our alfresco posts ahve been painted in the Ironstone paint.

You can see where they've stopped for the day.

The tiler was just finishing up for the day and asked us if we wanted to look around. We just had to promise not to walk on any tiles. DID we want to!!! Silly question. YES PLEASE!

As feared our laundry floor tiles look very dirty. Hopefully with more light on and once cleaned they will look better. :(
This was all we could see of our ensuite tiling . The diamond cut tiles in the bathroom look great.

And best for last. I started off taking pictures with my mobile ophone but the battery was flat so I sent Hubby home to get the camera.Luckily we only live a short distance away. So I've ended up with only one photo of the kitchen from the camera. The rest are on my mobile. Once I charge it I'll upload them too. The tiels are exactly what I'd hoped for. Very pleased with them.

We got our quote back for the blinds. We won;t be using this company. Because we had selected some identical blinds for some areas to another quote we were able to compare the price. It was close to $300 more just on those blinds alone.


BuildingOurFirstHouse said...

Love the tile work, looks good!

I think the 2 posts for your alfresco looks a bit "thin", is it going to be going to be replaced by a proper brick/timber/steel one when it's completed?

kexkez said...

yes I think it does look a bit thin.Perhaps more so because they've been painted a dark shade. It was what hubby preferred. I tried to talk him into half brick, half timber posts. We had full brick ones last time but didn't want that look this time. At least when we do add the patio the posts will be of similar thickness.