Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oh so that's it.

It seems we may have a faulty sliding door lock. We went up to the house again yesterday and when we tested the same slider that has been unlocked before we found it was unlocked again. It took 5 or 6 attempts to get it to lock so it seems the locking mechanism is not working properly. Hubby has already asked the S.S. to look at this particular door because it rattles. Seems like the rattling may be the lock mechanism. Hopefully we'll have contact with him this week as we expect to be asked for our IXL heater so the electrician can install them. It looked like the electrician had been in as there was an electrical plan lying on the kitchen bench that wasn't there on Saturday.
Someone came on Sunday and left a digger behind to start remvoing some of the "gravel" from the leech drain dig. We noticed yesterday that about 1/2 of it is now gone. Hopefully the rest will be removed today. The huge rocks in the back yard are still to be removed and the trench in the front needs to be covered over. After a few conversation threads on H1 we are now concerned that we will need 3 phase power for our airconditioner. Nothin was said when Hubby went to the aircon place to get information. Trouble is this might require digging a new trench since the current one is covered in cement. $$$$$ OUCH.
We are off to investigate another paving centre today. It seems Activ Industries ( Activ Foundation) in Bunbury make paving. Supposedly at a reasonable price. So we are going to have a look and see what their product is like. They are cement pavers and that's something I'm not too confident about but we will see what they are like.
Sorry no pictures today.

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