Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's holidays. I am off to Perth for a couple of days as I have a funeral to go to. House is zooming along. The tiler is in atm doing wet areas. Hopefully he'll be finished by sometime next week. Then the electrician and the plumber are due to return. Things still to be done:

bricks cleaned, site clean
leech drains to go in
insulation in roof and a manhole cover to be added
final paint coating on doors and door frames
External painting
garage door
final plumbing
final electrician

Had to believe it is going to take another 6 weeks for it all to be done.
But we were told late May /beginning of June as possible handover. I kept thinking it was at least 2 months away but it's not. We've been "window shopping" I guess you would call it. getting quotes for blinds and carpets.
So many decisions to make. We need to get quotes for paving, retaining walls.

It looks like we've picked our venetian blind colour. Every place we went into yesterday and on Saturday we picked the same colour. So our Venetian blind for the kitchen will be a colour called "grey sparkle." ATM we are having verticals for the dining and games sliders and for the window in the games room and going for holland blinds for office, lounge, and bedrooms.
The verticals will be a mind range colour called 'expresso" or a metallic copper colour depending on who we go through.

We've gone from having blinds to match to looking at lighter coloured blinds for most rooms now and a dark charcoal or a black for the lounge. originally we had considered roman blinds for the office and main bedroom but jsut can;t afford them. So it looks like we might just have nicer blinds for the main bedroomand lounge and have cheap ones for the office and minor bedrooms.
To soften the look and to add privacy we'll be adding sheers over the top for bed1,lounge and the office. I've talked Hubby into adding a scarf valance look as well just for our bedroom windows in the same sheer. (hoping they will be big enough to do so)

We've also been carpet browsing. We were drawn to a wool carpet for the main bedroom and lounge but it looks like we might end up with a SDN carpet now because we've changed to a darker carpet for the main bedroom and lounge and from teh carpet place we preferred in our price range the colours were not as nice in the wool carpets. ( 2nd best quote had nicer wool carpets but we couldn't find a carpet we liked that suited bedroom1 and the lounge. ( they are so close it needs the same carpet or 2 variations of it if a textured carpet) .We've been to 3 places so far and the quotes have ranged from 7, 400 to 9, 500. Not the same carpet with each place and not the same underlay. My preferred underlay was at the place with the most expensive quote but they didn't have as big a range of carpet to choose from. The best range of carpets was at a place where I didn't particularily like the sales guy. It was also the best price. But only by a small amount. The other quote had some lovely carpets but we couldn't match them together the way we could at the best quote place. ( going for a similiar tone) I think the office carpet from them is the most practical and hardwearing though. IT"S all too hard!

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