Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Not so fast after ...all...

*After investigation today we found out Activ no longer make and sell pavers so we are back to our original paver plans through either midland or austral bricks.
* Bloke removing the sand has still not removed all of the gravel/clay/soil from the leech drain work
* No sign of sparkie, painters, etc etc today. poobah!
* No work having been done means that it is unlikely that the plastic will be off the windows for the weekend. Drats!
* Discovered a "Vista Blinds" shop in Bunbury and their pricing was pretty darn good and we might even end up going with them. Checked into their cellular type blinds as well for our main bedroom. Their cheapish blinds are nicer than the other companies cheap blinds and price pretty much matches. sadly they don't have the lovely "grey sparkle" colur in venetians blinds but rather a more boring blue grey without the sparkle.
* Don't need 3 phase power for the aircon. And our chosen brand has a special $400 dollar return cash offer until August that we will be able to get. ( makes up for the fact that the price has gone up since our original quote) yippee

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