Friday, April 10, 2009

Little steps

Happy Easter Readers. I hope you get to enjoy some special time with family and friends over the break.

I'm on holiday for 2 weeks and hoping by the end of it the tiler will be finished and there will be more to report.
Went up as soon as it was light enough today to see in through the windows to see what I could see.
On Tuesday the open pit was filled with concrete. I can only assume there was rock deeper down and they've not been able to dig as deep as they normally would and so have covered the cables with concrete to protect them. The phone man "R" was due at the house on Wednesday to connect the cable left by the electrician at the corner of the house up into the house and through the ceiling into the office. This has now been done. I could see the little wall jack through a gap in the plastic paint sheeting over the office window. There is also a conduit up the garage wall with a telstra (phone company) box attached to it.
Round the back of the house I was able to peek through a bedroom window and see up the passageway towards the main bathroom. 3/4 of the bathroom floor has now been tiled. Also the Linen slider doors were resting on the wall in the bedroom.

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