Monday, April 20, 2009


I have a phobia about taking photos. I always feel apologetic and embarrassed. I need to be able to remove myself from the situation. ( ok not just talking carpet photos here. I can see the great shot but I can't be detached to take it. I need to give myself permission to breath and relax and just take the darn thing and enjoy the frame, I visualise !) if I could get past that I'd do well but I can't. For example I was determined to take some photos of possible carpets and blinds etc for the house today. But I rushed them and have ended up with blurred photos and worst of all I was too embarrassed to use the camera so took them with the camera phone. Which means the colours are terrible, but still they give us some vague guide of where we are heading so here we go.
This is a pvc material we are looking at for the verticals in the main living areas and the minor bedrooms. Colour is 'taupe' . You can click on the photos to open them larger and see which is which. It's the one on the right.
For the office we will either be going the nutmeg version of the pvc blind above (left) or going for a vertical in a mid to dark silver colour. I think that unless this( the vertical) comes back at a ridiculous price this is the way we will be going.

This is what we are eyeing off for the lounge room/theatre room. it's a charcoal colour and like the main bedroom blinds will be coming from the ES rather than being a local product.
Kids rooms ( minor bedrooms )

I really liked the first one but we've decided to save about $400 and have the 2nd one instead. Not a lot of money given the life of a carpet but it's still $400 to spend elsewhere. Hubby's comment was ,"Well you did tell the tiler you would spend the extra $400 or so to upgrade the tile finish in the ensuite and bathroom so...." sigh.

main bedroom and lounge

Style for main bedroom blind
We have one more blind company to contact. With every company so far we've picked the same venetian for the kitchen. The colour is 'grey sparkle' a blue grey. Without a doubt the simplest decision we've had to make.
Paving combination. one of 2 variations we are considering.
Hubby fancies doing a herringbone pattern as over a large area mistakes (he feels) are not so obvious. These are the midland brick pavers we like. We also visited the Austral brick site and found 2 pavers we liked there jsut as much. It will come down to delivery cost it seems. The Austral delivery charges seem better. I'd like a dark border around teh light pavers. Hence the 2 colours in the photos.

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BelleBeau said...

I can understand that! I apologise to the trades people if I get there when they are working and can get in and have a look around. But I am too embarrassed to take photos.

I like the charcoal colour, unfortunately, you can't always get a good colour from a computer screen. I saw a colour I liked on the net and when I went to buy it, it was horrible! Wasted trip.

We think we're going for a light border around darker, it's so hard to choose isn't it? Especially when you are only seeing a smaller sample and you have to try to visualise it in a larger area.

Good luck, your choices look great.