Wednesday, April 22, 2009

more pics

All the white sand in the centre is the replaced sand to cover the leech drains. A huge amount of clay has been dug out.

This is "D" the wonderful tiler. He asked how we liked the kitchen and I had to say I thought it looked fabulous. He said he'd seen some pretty 'way out there" things before but he really liked our choices for the kitchen. :)

Our beautiful kitchen tiles. Not grouted yet but they still look wonderful.'if you click on teh page below the photo opens as a larger view in a new page. I love the plain but glossy look of the tile . exactly what we wanted.
You can see where the tiler has moved the switches higher for the HWS booster and the exhaust fan above the stove bench.


BelleBeau said...

WOW those tiles look sensational against the benchtop!!

Good choice.


kexkez said...

It's very dramatic but I love , love love it!. i can visualize lots of splashes of red for special display bowls etc.

kexkez said...

it is a bit "old fashioned and 80's-90's but I don't care. It might be the same style kitchen as the last house but the colour is such a dramatic change from the apricot we had last time.

Kek said...

I don't think it's old-fashioned at all. Anyway, it all goes well together, so who cares about fasion?

Apricot...yeah, we lived through that phase too. *rolls eyes*