Friday, June 5, 2009

It's Ours!

We went up and puts some redishades up on a few windows last night. took our stove kettle, coffee, sugar, milk powder etc and cups, a cloth tea towel... had a coffee at the house while we put up the shades.

We got a lovely box of goodies. I was going to take a photo but Hubby was keen for me to open it. ( DS1 had been hassling him from the moment he'd seen it because he'd spotted some lollies in the box. so by the time I got home...) Hence I didn't get a shot. In the package from the builders was a 20% voucher for use at the wattyl paint trade centre. Pretty pleased DH looked through that as he was originally going to buy some paint yesterday and it would have costs us more and I'd priced sealer last weekend. . NOW we'll wait until Saturday and buy all the paint we need in one bulk lot. ( well much of it at least)

well there are still a few things to be done. No one has put the drain grates in in either the main bathroom or the laundry. In the main bathroom the main grate won't even fit because there is cement in the way on one side and not enough cement on the other! will be txting the S.S. about this. Not sure if it's a plumber thing or a tiler thing. We can't move in even if we wanted to until the floor grates are sorted out. Plus the lintels still need 2nd coats and those rocks are still to go. ( we knew about this) Also waiting on flyscreens for the sliding doors to arrive.

Hubby wanted to make sure none of the builders skeleton keys worked once we had handover in case of an unscrupulous tradie so we've used our keys on every lock now. Now to get anything fixed they will have to ring us and we'll let them in.


stormygirl said...

Congratulations Kexkez!!! I hope your home is everything you ever dreamed it to be!

Looking forward to seeing some finished pics!

Congratulations and well done!!!

Jo said...

Woo Hooo!!! How exciting! It's been such a ride for you with all your pre build problems with the block and the site costs. I'm so glad that the build went smoothly and you are so pleased with everything. Must make all the dramas fade away and you can enjoy your home! Yay!!!

BelleBeau said...

Congratulations,now the hard work starts by the sound of. I am sure you will never want to see another paint brush by the time you are done. Shame about the grates, but wonderful you have your own home!

Congratulations :-)