Monday, June 22, 2009

22nd June

Left here at 6.30am yesterday and drove to Bunbury. Got there just as the store was opening.
Spare paint sheets, additional paint pot and another cheap brush and some paint cleaner wipes ( yippee no more white hair) BUT NO paint roller cleaners in stock. Was sent to another hardware store about 10 kms further away. Hmm off I zoomed only to find it didn't open until 9. arghh.. paper, coffee, freezing in the car, eventaully it opened and yes they had them. Thank goodness.

I think I managed close on 100kms by the time I was home again. A shame it took me almost 3 hours for what should have been an 80 min trip.
We finally started painting again late morning. DH had pretty much finished the main room and completed the lounge. I ended up running a brush around all the non corked rooms to seal between the floor and walls. Also did the main bathroom edges and the kitchen. Only dripped a little paint on the cork. What a pain.

Then it was home again to do some more sorting and tidying up for the real estate agents' visits the next day and to get some general household things done, kids finishing homework etc etc.

Today we've had the cork guys back to try and patch up a door they chipped. grr touched up now with white paint. :( luckily it's not in an obvious place.

Two Agents came with 3 people and looked the place over.
Between doing the normal Monday things Dh has been patching and doing prep work for yet more painting tomorrow and has now gone off to work.
He's done more than me though. All I've managed to do is get hold of another curtain person to give a quote and cook tea. Hopefully topmorrow will be a better day. I have plenty of things on after work hours that are work related againand required to be done this week so getting home in time to help is not easy.

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