Sunday, June 21, 2009

arghhhhhhhh Saturday

Well painting has commenced. I managed to get sealer on my butt and in my hair as I painted.
Spoke to my mum last night and she pointed out that it was why she always wore a scarf when painting. hmm might get a shower cap to wear today. Not able to get one big enough for my butt though so will just have to not point it at wet walls. :) (Great look not. ) I started sealing the grout in the main bathroom but the floor is quite dirty from when the corking was done so it needed a good clean first and then to dry so I had to stop.

By 5.30 yesterday afternoon we'd both had enough and called it quits. Took the kids to the local pub for steak burgers for dinner. yummo.
DH has declared he is too old for DIY hmm ok dear but we have about 850L of paint to go so no stopping yet. I think what made it worse was we were working on the biggest room which is actually 4 rooms in one so it felt never ending. In fact we still have 3 walls to go( no windows/doors/switches just straight painting yippee) and we haven't touched the kitchen or the cut in sections near doors and windows. Lots of fiddly bits to do. We've decided from now on we won't use a paint brush to do edging down near the cork and just use the roller. Since Dh is too nervous to go too close to the cork with the brush anyway we can get just as close with the roller. Of course this was after spending the entire afternoon doing just that. Still we've learnt now and we won't do it for any more corked areas. Once this room is finished we'll move on to all the rooms that have concrete floors. They can be done much faster as we don't have to worry about paint spatters on the floor. The hallways and kids activity with cork flooring can be done at a later stage. There's no major furniture for there that can't be moved anyway. OK actually at this stage there is NO furniture for the activity room at all unless we buy a new tv so the kids can have the old one. :) Unless you count 2 bean bags.

Biggest pain has been we've discovered we are missing our paint roller cleaner. I'm off to Bunnings to try and buy one. I'm dreading how much it might be, if they even sell one. DH found the Box for the thing in the shed but no appliance. We've used this tool a lot over the years. really good value. No idea where it is. BUT it's not something we can do without as it makes paint cleanup (once we get to water based paints) a much easier job.

anyway time to get organised for my 34km trip( make that 68km round trip) to Bunnings.
( hardware store)

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