Tuesday, June 9, 2009

sneaking in

Tonight was the last time we could sneak in before they finish, sand and start sealing the flooring so we went up for a quick photo shoot and to fix up the redi shade in the kitchen. The guys had pegged it up really roughly and it was being mangled completely out of shape. Since I didn't want it being completely ruined by the end of next week when I would be able to get in again it had to be fixed tonight.

Lintels have been painted so now all the painting is complete. Unfortunately no one can access inside the house to put in the drain/grates now until a week after the cork guys have finished. Which is very annoying. Flyscreens for the sliders are still to come as well. Hubby went to visit the estate agents today to give notice. Seems we need to do it in writing. BUT we have been minus a lease since June the 6th! duh :) Oh and it seems she will "try" and give us 24 hours notice if she wants to bring through any potential renter. humph!

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