Saturday, June 27, 2009

mmm toastie

Well we had our reverse cycle ducted aircon installed yesterday and it's so lovely and toastie warm in the house even without window furnishings. Has certianly made a difference for trying to paint today as the weather is wild, wet and cold.

I went into Bunbury this morning and collected more sealer and my walpalmur "tumbleweed" . I was able to get a 6 L can. If I hadn't been able to my next pick would have been wattyl's "white pepper". I'm just hoping the colour isn't too dark once it gets painted in the office.

Started on the lounge today in "igloo". It's come up browner than I expected. 1st coat is completed in the lounge now. Hubby has done all the edging for our bedroom and the lounge
and for part of the large family room area. Tomorrow he's starting on edging in Flokati in the minor bedrooms. He's just hoping it doesn't look too white but given how much darker igloo is than it looked on the sample board hopefully he will be able to see where he has been. I like the colour btw. It's not too dark at all.
Photo below of a wall half done to see the contrast with the sealed white wall.

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