Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Now that the paint has had time to dry it looks much nicer and lighter. The "flokati" above looks more grey as does the" igloo" in the main bedroom and lounge. Though with the new carpet being a deep chocolate/charcoal in main bedroom and lounge it might look brown again. I wonder how the folkati will go with the almsot black/charcoal carpet. Will have to wait and see.

Tested out the shower in the main bathroom at the new house this morning. It was really cold here again this morning and I'm completely fed up with cold showers here as the hot water system is useless in winter. Unfortunately it's been so overcast and raining and grey here the water wasn't much hotter through the Solar HW system at the new house as I didn't have time for the electric booster to kick in. BUT with the IXL heater running when I stepped out of the shower the rooms was lovely and slightly warm so it wasn't the horrd experience that it is here. Definitely returning tomorrow morning.

Carpets are a coming...
All the underlay has now been installed and the lounge and main bedroom carpet is down but not cut or fixed. I can see the carpet in our bedroom has been joined.

This late at night the carpet looks a deep chocolate colour but it's actually more a deep charcoal. Hmm photos look shocking so I won't upload them as I took them with my mobile and the light was terrible. I've noticed we have the triple hook/nail metal edging in door ways
and the basic double wooden edging on most edges of the rooms. though in one section of the office ( midway) they've done 2 rows of battens.
hehe DH got asked today how come we'd requested a power stretcher and how did we even know of them. :) Our carpet layer has been laying carpet for 30 years and he made the comment that it saves so much on his knees now he's getting older. (i noticed he also has a kicker) Went up to peek tonight after 6 and spotted a range of implements. he was quite impressed that Dh's wife ( me)had been on a forum and had heard about power stretchers from "tradies" that obviously "know their stuff". ( his phrase)and that visit the forum. I'm not sure the guy was too in the know with "the web' Hubby said he looked a bit overwhelmed when he mentioned that I'd read about them online.

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