Saturday, June 13, 2009

more $

Managed to find some beautiful embroidered type sheer curtains in Textile Traders today. It came in 4 shades. The material is normally $20 m but is currently on sale at 25% off so down to $15m. I didn't dare buy it without running it past Hubby as we weren't supposed to be buying curtaining. Anyway I ended up getting hubby to meet me in town to check out something else and took him into the shop. He agreed that the unusual colour that had caught my eye was indeed lovely and so .... SOLD!

It's a bit hard to capture it but it's a dark grey/mushroomish colour. Or rather a dark grey with a hint of mauve/purple. Rather outside my usual style, it will help create a "pretty, feminine, soft, romantic looking set of windows for our bedroom.

I actually went to town mainly to pay some money off on the 2 beds we're buying for our boys but while there I spotted a couple of couches that would be perfect for our family room. We'd seen another inexpensive one elsewhere in a lovely deep raisin colour ( charcoal/brown suede ) but it wasn't available again until September. Of course these ones were the last in stock before the shop closes for good so it was a case of buy now or miss out. As I stood looking at them, one of the couches sold. ( luckily there was a 2nd of that colour). Not 100% sure of the colour. I called G and asked him to drive in and check it out as there was no way I wanted to buy without him seeing them. Unfortunately he didn't make it before the shop closed for the day so he hasn't seen them in the flesh, just my photos. He will be going in on Monday to check them out and decide which/if one of them is suitable. I've asked that they hold the most likely candidate until then ( left a deposit that can be transferred to the beds if need be)
I'm a bit nervous about the lighter couch but i think the chocolate one blends into the cork flooring too much. We'll have to scotchguard it. It also has a recliner built into each end. We want this couch to sit in front of our fire. Mmm Imagine lazing back in the chair watching the flames.

These are the King single beds we've ordered for the boys. Both will be in the darker wood colour. They chose their own bedstyles. I was hoping they'd both pick the same but... oh well.

We are considering these lights for the 2 batten fittings in the kitchen ( in a large size) and a smaller one for the entry area. With the double white section I'm hoping to echo the white downlights. If we'd had chrome downlights there was a white and chrome version of these lights that I really liked. Photo below the first one.

These may end up being our garage lights. We've found them in Bunnings for almost half the price they were in the lighting store.

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