Sunday, May 31, 2009

handover date set- June 4th

By Friday we had received an email with our final invoice. Hubby (G) has booked an appointment to hand over the bank cheque on Thursday morning and collect the KEYS!

Thursday:There were people at the house on Thursday. yes a door was left unlocked AGAIN!. We'll be checking every day from now on. Someone has been in patching plaster and the cleaner had finished her job. Someone made a bit of a mess in a few places ,I'm guessing after the cleaner left. The tiny downlights in the hallway are very bright at night.

Friday:On Friday someone had been in and filled up a few mortar holes ( they still missed some), the porta loo and waste skip were collected. Someone has done a first coat on the lintels under the main bedroom windows. Someone else has made an attempt to shift the big rock pile at the back. No luck so that means a BIG dozer will be in early next week instead. $$$$$$ Pest control final spray was done. At some stage the OHS construction sign was removed from the wall next to the office.

Saturday: Tiler was in and sealed the tile joints with silicone. There are neat little tins of leftover paint stacked next to the spare tiles and grout in the house.

Picked up a few " Redi shades" from Bunnings to get us started.
Ordered new bed bases for the boys. Paid a deposit with mattresses to be paid for when we are ready for delivery.
Confirmed that the cork layers start on Monday the 8th.
Started a proper list of things to do.
We've picked a main living area colour. Wattyle "Igloo" or something along those lines if we end up using another paint brand.

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BelleBeau said...

Whooo hoooo!!
Congratulations, hope it all goes smoothly for you.