Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Almost done and dusted.

PCI is done and dusted. Most of the major concerns had already been fixed. Yippee.

Rocks WILL be removed.
Still a little minor plaster patching to be done early next week. Cleaner to finish on Monday. ( burst water main earlier today somewhere in town)
One window which has quite a gap when pressed will be replaced.
Linen sliders need to be adjusted.
Some minor touchups to some window frames and a few more small mortar holes to be plugged.
One privacy lock was on the wrong door but we've elected to leave it where it is. ( wouldn't have minded a privacy lock there as well anyway)
Tiler will be in once the cleaner has finished to seal benchtop and tiles that need a seal edge and fill a gap under the jarrah cap between it and some tiles.
Carpenter is going to putty the worst of the jarrah flaw and reseal the timber.

Everything opens, closes, flushes,switches on and off. all painting messes have been cleaned and covered.
Our brick stain from where the brickies trestle rested against the wall early in bricking stage has been attempted to be cleaned twice. Looks like we'll have to live with it. It's nto coming off and the cleaning attempts have only improved it slightly if at all. But it's not too bad. It will be hidden behind a small fence soon enough.

We have one brick discolouring from something.. We'll wait to see what happens between now and 4 month maintenance.
Elsewhere we have about 5 bricks with the green leeching on them made worse by the brick cleaning done. This will fade with time.

Invoice will be processed tomorrow and we should receive it early next week and Hopefully we'll get handover by the end of next week.

OH for those who are fairly local. Our S.S> muttered that we seem to have started a trend with raked brickwork. lol I said hmm that might be me. I asked if it was people with the same brick as us and he said yes a couple were. Seems possible that a couple of Bunbury and at least one Collie person building read the forum. :) I explained that I'd commented on a forum that the raked bricks really brought out the markings on the bricks. lol.. When we started our brickies apprentice had never used a raking tool :) and the brickie hadn't done a raked mortar himself for quite a long time.

Small update: Cleaner has been in and finished off today. Someones been plaster patching but there's a few spots still to go.

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