Friday, May 22, 2009

Today they've stained the front door. it looks great. we think there must be a 2nd coat but we'll wait and see. it's been so wet they can't do much outside. Painters are still doing 2nd coats on ceilings atc atm. they've managed to drip ironstone paint on to one of the light fittings out side the garage and drip white eaves paint onto door frames and some window frames and to
get splashes of white paint on the bathroom floor.

How do I know.
Yup you guessed it.
Someone left the laundry door unlocked again today.
Worse still they left our main bedroom window ajar.
And it's stormy.
And we didn't close it while we had the chance!
The guy responsible for the plaster repairs lives in our street so I popped down there tonight to ask him if he had a key and if so would he be kind enough to go and close up the window. his response was it won't matter. they could even hose down the walls and it woudn;t be a problem. ( his words) so rain isn't a problem.! hmm it is if I want to paint it in a week or so!

Pluses- shower screen is in, shower rail is in. All the yellow sand has been spread. ( oh well) And there has been a general site clean up at the front. BUT when they finally covered the electrical pit in at the front they decided to move a few of the rocks they'd dug up. For some reason they've moved them down to the side of the house. INTO the 2 m wide section we have to keep clear by council regulations for a fire boundary. oops. these are too big for us to shift ourselves. Thanks guys. They haven't bothered to finish clearing up the rocks and flattening out the ground leftover from digging up for the septics and leech drains. It's "almost" done but not completely. Downlights are in. We would dispute the position of one of the kitchen ones but there's nothing much that can be done except to rip it out and patch and reposition it. It's going to annoy us but a patched ceiling would annoy even more.

Hubby checked through our paperwork and discovered the builders insurance for the build runs out on May the 31st. Don't know what they plan to do about that. We haven't had pci yet or even had it booked , today hubby noticed the eaves on one side of the house looked damp because the gutters seem to have overflowed. and with this weather the painters can't finish. They haven't even started priming the 2 lintels for our main bedroom windows yet. There is at least 1 / possibly 2 windows that need replacing or at least refitting Lots of mortar to be patched and a dodgy piece of jarrah timber capping in the house. ( it looked ok until they stained it) it really needs replacing which means restaining or varnishing. It looks far worse in real life. The flaw in the wood makes the timber look like it is going to completely split open and huge chunk is going to fall out.

Plasterwork has been patched except for one very small bit that they've missed and probably haven't noticed but which we can see from outside the games room.( under one of the jarrah caps)

I guess they'll be claiming wet weather days. it could all certainly be done within the next week if the weather was fine.
I have 2 courses after work next week on the only 2 days we could normally both be available for a pci. Somehow I doubt they will do one on a saturday.

Big worry atm are our ixl lights. The sparkie "installed" these on monday but some how.. hmm managed to throw away part of the ixl in the rubbish along wiht the ixl switches. Instead we now have a blank bank of 5 switches and missing eco flaps. We are also concerned that he didn't follow the instructions for wiring the auto safety switch.( well if he couldn't be bothered to read the install instructions on something so basic would he have bothered to read the red warning instructions about wiring!?!).. what fun. Just as well we've been checking the waste bin frequently or we've never have picked this up. Give that the eco flaps and auto safety switch were the reason we spent additional money on this particular model of ixl over the base model we want it installed and preferrably correctly.


BelleBeau said...

Just had to leave a comment because your front door looks so good!! It's bad that you hve to check all the trades work, that's why you employ the builder, but it seems that no matter who you build with, you take on the role of owner builder.

Good luck with getting your remaining issues fixed. Love that Jarrah too!!


Kek said...

This is the most frustrating seems that there are only simple minor things to do to finish, and yet it takes so long!

Front door looks great.

Jo said...

I love the front door as well! Looks beatiful as does the Jarrah inside..... even with its flaw! lol

As J and kek have said, his part is just horrible taking so long to do little things. And having to keep an eye on them all the time. Grrr!

kexkez said...

met with the plastered who was originally to do our house. But has ended up just doing the patching. he told me if i ever want to get in. he's got a key and just let him know. :) how nice is that.