Friday, May 8, 2009

Trees, a Cashie and a Garage door

We are considering a row of liquidambar trees for their glorious colours along one side of the house far away from the actual house. Of course they are huge, and have to be kept away from drainage and pipes. hmm but they are so lovely...

we might also end up with some maples.

This is the bark of the tree above.

Look at the view. This is in the town we live in and about 3 kms from our house. Imagine buying that house on the right that is for sale. It overlooks farm land. Wow!

Never had sinks with drainer things in them before.

This is the colour paint we've picked for the laundry door and the small garage door. Met the tiler onsite today to pay him the cashie bonus for taking a bit more time to lay floor tiles in the showers on the diagonal and to mitre all the tiles. it was much lighter in the house today and the main bathroom, loo and laundry floor tiles actually look ok. Still darker than I expected but they are ok. phew.
You can see the mitred tile edges in this shot.

The wall and bath side ones though are very boring.

Got some advice from the tiler about sealing the grout. He said "yes" a good idea. Tiler also returns at the end of the build to do all the silicone sealing where wall tiles meet floor tiles in bathrooms and where 2 walls meet and where wall tiles meet bench tops in bathrooms and the kitchen.

Found one worrying thing though. It seems someone has stuffed up. The plasterers have assumed the tiler was going to tile the top of the brick wall for the shower. NOPE! so it's not been plastered. Photo below. Yuk! I wonder if the tiler has mentioned it to anyone. Hubby and I discussed how we go about mentioning it since we were left in the house by ourselves when we discovered it. Not sure how to explain how we know about it. Let alone how we have a photo. :)

The job looks terrific. Of course he left us to take photos. :)

Garage door was installed on Thursday. Yippee. BUT S.S suggested to me on Tuesday to delay cork booking for our floors until mid June in case of delays. :(

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