Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lighting and other business

Heading into town today to select our ten lights for the builder to supply and fit. Of course we also have Soccer for the youngest ( UK football for those of you in the Northern hemisphere) and a bit of clothing shopping to do. Eldest  now can wear Hubby's best trousers, shoes and shirts as we discovered this week when trying to workout what clothing to get him for his week of "work experience" for school. He looked fabulously smart in  trousers, belt, long sleeved business shirt and... wait for it Tie!  Which he insisted on trying on.  So we need to find him some "business" shirts of his own and perhaps his own pair of good dress type trousers.

..................................  and on to the lights

To my untrained eye the ceilings look worse than they did before the repairs were done. The builder has agree we are entitled to some compensation for our ceilings which can not be repaired to a high standard. They obviously do not want to remove the ceilings in several rooms ( more than half the house)  and replace them so they have agree to cover the cost of 10 light fittings and the install of said ten lights.

I hope can talk hubby into the lights I want. The oyster light is one we were both able to agree on last year. But thoughts change.

So it will be:
  oyster light white with white surround glass large for kitchen ( x2) dining, family and activity room.  Smaller version for entry and passageway. Oyster light large with silver surround for office and a set of 3/4 spotlights on a bar in silver and white for 2nd light in office.
3 light Hermosa-vaucluse pendant for lounge or similar item. all supplied and fitting at builders cost ( yippeee)
We will look at buying a light fitting for the spare bedroom at the same time. Perhaps another of the same or something else and one of the smaller version with white glass surround for the laundry.

The Hermosa light is not from the lighting shop in town that the builder wants us to use so if Hubby likes it we might end up with a light for the spare bedroom  paid for by the builder and the lounge light bought by us.

Previous news
Yes, I know I've been very slack on posting lately. Things aren't likely to improve without some major event happening.  We still haven't heard from the fencing man to say when he is starting and I discovered he has a 2nd business/job as part of a large farm. I haven't noticed him advertising his fencing business recently either so perhaps that has taken over more. I'm going to have to call him and Developer be damned!.  If the Developer needs to take down a part of the fence top  put in the trees he owes us that will be his problem. I'm sick of waiting to plant things.

  On the ute:  The ute has developed a fuel problem,  Namely it's leaking petrol!  I guess you get that with old cars. It's in at the mechanics and hopefully will be repaired and functional ( meaning not losing petrol) sometime next week.  Here's hopping it doesn't cost us a fortune.

Mum has now moved and I spent Friday of last week and a couple of hours early Saturday unpacking. We plan to go and visit her this weekend for a cuppa. Yippee.  It will be nice for her to only be 55 mins away instead of 3 plus hours.  I am worried about her getting shopping done. But  hopefully she can get a lift into town with someone else from the retirement village where she has moved.  The village itself is gorgeous.

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