Sunday, May 16, 2010

I did what!!!

Updates for the week:
Well the Water Corporation sent someone out to test our water pressure and it seems it is exactly as the retic man said last week. So at this stage we will not be having reticulation put in for our lawn. Unless we end up getting a big water tank and a pump ( about $3k all up to do so)

Main Maintenance boss came for a visit on Friday and they are going to have one more try at our ceilings and then after that we'll have to get into some sort of negotiation/compensation deal.  Not saying anything more for the moment except that right now  to my untrained eye the ceilings look worse than they did before the repairs were started.

Spent pretty much all of the daylight hours yesterday in Balingup ona w work friends block picking olives.  :)   They have some awesome views, a wonderful new house( including pot drawers everywhere in the kitchen and one of those double farm house sinks I love and which it turns out DH hates  sigh)  3 mains ponds and a smaller pond/ sedge pond?  and gorgeous, beautiful trees. And... 180+ olive trees. I think there were about 17 of us picking and we spent from just before 10am until 5pm picking olives for crushing.  phew.   We had a short tea break at around lunchtime for scones and drinks and then stopped for a fast lunch at 3.  Oh my goodness my arms and shoulders know about it a little today.  But olive picking is very simple and the trees looks lovely. It all just takes time. :)

Today it looks like we'll be heading into Bunbury to buy some shoes for one of the boys and if they are open, to look at ceiling lights again.  No quiet life here today.

Found my original post with the light fittings in it.

the one below I like too but as we ended up with white downlights I'm guessing the first  fits better in the kitchen.  I'd love to have the chrome ones near the ceiling fans with the  chrome bits on them but since it's all one large room that would look rather silly.

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