Sunday, May 9, 2010

It's Mother's Day

My request for Mother's Day was to get some trees for some of the spots we have had dug. 

We now realise we will want another 5 holes dug for some of  the trees we want to plant. Unfortunately most of the trees from our list that we can get at the moment  are for the holes not yet dug,
 We had a bit of a dig where the extra hole spots are wanted and an auger will definitely be needed.  It's far too rocky to dig by hand unfortunately. 

At this stage the plans are for 5 silver birches, a maple of some kind, a flowering plum (nigra) -hole still to be dug, deciduous magnolia- hole still to be dug, smoke bush ? - hole still to be dug and 2 other deciduous leaf colour changing trees.  And for the back, a hole for the mulberry tree and one for a Liquidambar styraciflua. I keep coming back to the Liquidambar.  I have looked at dwarf forms and other varieties but it's the giant original that I love.  Luckily we have the room for one. There are several in the grounds at work and I just adore the leaf shape, colour of the leaves, the nuts and the tree shape.  I do wish they didn't grow as large but thank goodness we have the room.  I've given up on a weeping willow. It's something I've always want to have in my garden since I was a small child.  The liquidambar is my new dream tree. :)

So yesterday I made a quick dash down to  the local nursery to see what they had in stock.
Spotted 2 lovely trees  that had been on my short list of  ones I'd been considering and 2 lovely silver birch trees. Looked promising.  Found out there there was an avenue of one of the trees planted on a property on the edge of town that was worth checking out as well.
 I couldn't buy them then and there as DH had to see the 2 new possible tree choices first. 
 Had a few things to do including taking R to soccer. ( they won 15 to 1)  and then later in the day Hubby and I took the ute for a drive to check out the avenue of trees.  They looked gorgeous and Dh was hooked. 
So off the the nursery we went. 

 We've brought home 1 Tallow wood tree ( this was the avenue tree) , 1 Manchurian pear and 2 rather large Silver Birches.  We will need another 3 Silver birches but we'll wait until they get in some more large stock as the other 2 they had  were much smaller or else buy them from The Small Tree Farm  in Balingup as bare rooted stock in July.  No maples in stock at the moment.

Of course once we got them home we had to try them out in the holes, tree bags an all.   Photo below.

Tallow wood tree is closest to the camera and the Manchurian Pear is behind it. The two silver birches are also in the picture but they can't really be seen from this angle.

  Today we'll plant them.  The house looks so different with some trees out the front.  Very pleased with our purchases.

Bark of the Silver Birch.

Manchurian Pear Tree

Tallow Wood Tree ( Above and below)

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