Saturday, May 1, 2010

What next?

1. Only 1 Retic /landscape quote came back and it was Over priced. :( need new quotes.

2. bought a ute. woohoo

3. New downpipes work beautifully. :)

4. Painter was here again today attempting to repair the ceiling work.

He told Dh it's the worst ceiling he's ever had to deal with. They've even put a few more pieces of timber in our ceiling! At the end of the day he's hoping that the final coat he's done in the office will be ok. Fingers crossed when it dries as atm it still isn't brilliant.

There is now talk of either tinting the ceiling paint so it's not a standard white colour or of using textured paint which I'm not keen on at all.
( over my dead body could have been the phrase that went through my head)The painter is also going to talk to his boss about suggesting they offer us downlights
in place of the standard batten lights as these would mean the flaws would not show up. Sorry I'm not interested!
2 lights are in the office, one in the lounge ( our pretend home theatre) 2 in the main living area ( hmm nope, don't want downlights there as we have feature downlights in our kitchen in the same area) and one in the kids playroom. downlights are not appropriate for any of those areas except maybe if they swapped the 1 light in the lounge for 4 downlights. ( like that is going to happen. Plus more patching? I think not)

Once we have the $ to put in proper oyster lights the shadowing that really shows up the flaws
in the ceiling might not be there. We'll have to wait. I doubt they will pay us to put oyster lights in.

Our painter went across the road to check out the build by the same company which is currently at paint stage. He wanted to see what the ceilings were like over there. DH went with him to "check it out" and said he came back muttering that although they were better than ours they still were not great.
The problem it seems ( this is being relayed 2nd hand so how much is exactly what was said...) lies with the original ceiling fixers and then the painters who didn't stop when they must have/should have realised that the ceiling wasn't good enough to do a good paint job.

He can only come Fridays to work on the house. grrrr

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