Friday, June 12, 2009

$pending time

Floors are looking lovely now they are properly sealed. We should be able to walk on them by late tomorrow in clean, bare or stockinged feet. But no shoes for a week.

Handed in our official notice on the rental.

Went to town today with a huge list of things to do and only achieved a few of them.

We did however manage to order/book our carpets. We also saved $900 because we found a different carpet for the minor bedrooms and office that we liked that was less expensive that what we were originally going to use. It's sort of a dark, charcoal/black colour and is a level loop style carpet. ( a bit like the one in the link but darker) Sorry folks I forgot to take a picture of it. Anyway carpet is now booked in to be laid in a few weeks. Yes, with a powerstretcher before anyone asks.

It is a Feltex brand SDN that they have in bulk atm. woohoo.

Also popped into Spotlight and bought some curtain rails for bedrooms and lounge and some sheerish curtaining for the minor bedrooms. Since I hadn't heard back from the redishades people we decided to buy some of the curtaining lace that we would have been eventually buying anyway and use that for the minor bedrooms. Spotlight sales meant the tracks were less expensive than usual and so was the basic plain lace type curtaining. Left the organza/voile for the main bedroom and lounge for the moment but did buy some rods. Got home only to discover I could have gotten another $30 off with an online voucher that could be used on top of any other discounts! rats! oh well.

Grabbed 2 sample pots for the wattyl paint place as well. One of Flokati and one of Igloo so I can test them out.

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BelleBeau said...

Really pleased to hear that everything seems to be going well for you. LOL we were at spotlight today doing the same thing!