Monday, May 25, 2009

PCI Soon

Well S.S. turned up on our doorstep this afternoon on the off chance of catching DH.

Sparkie is not too thrilled , claims he's never ever put eco flaps into a house with external venting but will come back and do it. hmm yeah right. Like we'd buy the ixl with the eco flaps instead of the cheaper model if we didn't want it.

S.S. is disputing that they said they'd remove the rocks they dug up during site works. BUT we have it in writing that they will :) :) :) he was very shocked when Dh produced the paperwork with the office signature on it stating clearly that the cost for additional rock siteworks included removing it and that it would be the same cost even if we chose to keep the rock. :) oops Someone their end has slipped up perhaps. :)

S.S. wasn't available after work Thursday or Friday so we are having PCI on Wednesday while the cleaners will be in. ( fine by us) if it had meant we could have had handover before the long weekend( wa) this weekend I'd have been willing to take time off but since it won't make any difference I won't.
They will then have 10 days ( is that working days or calendar days?) to fix issues. Invoice will start being processed on the day of PCI and will then be sent out to us approx a week later. We are hoping for less than that as the cork layers are currently booked for the 8th. We might have to move them to a fortnight later which we don't want to do.

I've rushed up to the house late this afternoon and taken photos all around the outside where there are defects in the mortar so I can print off photos with the missing mortar sections circled and some of the most obvious paint mistakes. This way we can hand this information to the S.S. on Wednesday with anything else we want sorted in writing. The painters still have 2nd coats to do on downpipes , meter box and possibly eaves so many of these may yet be fixed by Wednesday.

The only issues we have that we are currently aware of are:
Internal-jarrah cap wood flaw, crooked cistern in ensuite( it's not level), one slider rattles in the latch ( something in the mechanism?),a window that needs adjustment to close more securely.

External-scratch on a window frame.

Time to hunt that PCI checklist down so we can go through room by room. WoohOO

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BelleBeau said...

Hmm, your sparkie sounds like those things might by fiddly to do and he doesn't like doing them I'd say.

Good to hear that your PCI has finally been set and that you had a win with the rock. That sounded expensive!

Good luck with your PCI